The Life and Times of a "Renaissance Ronin"

Between late-night marathons at the CAD station…

… early morning conferences with building families, and then late afternoons (after it either cools off or STOPS raining) loading trucks with hay destined to families in Colorado who are getting their butts kicked by the fires and drought… as well as greedy hay brokers capitalizing on shortages to make quick cash at already suffering families expense. …

(Hay has doubled in price in CO due to this greed. It’s just unconscionable. Hay brokers make Ronin cuss like a sailor.)

We’re up to our armpits in work.

So, guess what time it is?

That’s right… say it with me… MAIL BAG TIME!

Dear Ronin,

We hear you go on and on about how steel beats wood. (Around here, it’s a “Rock, Paper, Scissors, SPOCK” thing every time it comes up.) 🙂

But the guy down the street (he’s a contractor) is telling us…

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It has been a lifelong struggle, but I have learned to embrace the fact that I will forever be a geek who will always be inclined to tinker around.
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